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Welcome to the GEM Tour! We've taken the opportunity to highlight some features of this program. Create a free Administrator Account for complete access to the program. Below, select Corporate, Non-Profit or Ministry to see how the GEM Assessment is customized to reflect your organization.

GEM Assessment Tool for Ministry Boards

Administrator Experience

  • The administrator will select the appropriate terminology to match your ministry or faith-based organizational structure. Similar to corporate and non-profit organizations, your ministry will benefit from strong leadership and board development. Please select the appropriate terminology to match your ministry. This customization allows the GEM Assessment program to select relevant questions that best fit your board.
  • Next, the administrator edits the welcome letter to include the deadline, adds the names of participants, and sends the invitations to participants with their confidential login information.
  • Once the GEM Assessment process is initiated, the administrator waits for the participants to respond. Participant answers are confidential. The administrator cannot access any individual responses.
  • The administrator will receive email notifications as participants complete the assessment.
  • The administrator can track participant progress and send reminders to encourage participants to complete the assessment.
  • Once the participants have completed the assessment, the administrator will run the report. The administrator may choose to run the Free Report (a two-page quick overview) that identifies areas for growth according to the GEM Model...
  • ...or the Full Report that highlights strengths, weaknesses, and areas of key differences. This 25-page detailed report provides the board’s responses to all 40 questions, and tips and suggestions to enhance governance oversight and effectiveness.
  • In subsequent evaluations, the administrator may generate complimentary Comparison Reports that highlight change and growth.

Participant Experience

  • The GEM Assessment is a simple process because it has been customized by the administrator to fit your ministry. Each participant receives an email invitation that includes their unique username and password. The participant signs in to access his or her personal, private dashboard.
  • Participant answers are confidential. The administrator cannot access any individual responses.
  • Once the GEM Assessment is complete, each participant may print out his or her scoring summary to better participate in the discussion of the GEM Assessment results.