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Inform Your Board


Can we help you introduce the GEM Assessment to your board?
We’ve prepared a one-page PDF with the essential information to help you introduce the GEM Assessment to your board. This document provides an overview of the governance model and process, compares the Free Report and Full Report, and gives you a sample of the results.
Download “Inform Your Board” by clicking here.



“Our board members found the GEM Assessment to be a practical, bite-sized and manageable means of evaluating the board. They were able to mine the resulting report and agree on actionable ways to improve board effectiveness. It was good value compared to other board development activities that are more costly, time consuming and don’t yield tangible results.”

- Executive Director, Community Health Centre

“What a great tool! It provided a high quality report that prompted good discussion around the board table. Done annually it would provide an opportunity to track progress. Great value for the price!”

- H. Sherrard, Board Secretary, Canadian Health Food Association

“The board really benefited from the GEM Assessment last year and agreed that doing an assessment again would be valuable. They looked around at options but ultimately decided because of the process and objectivity the GEM Assessment offers, they would use it again.”

- Kings Mutual in Nova Scotia

Test track

Lori Prospero, CAE
Executive Director at Owl Child Care Services

Test track

Maryann Urbanowski
Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council